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May 8th, 2001
Hope everybody had a good week since I last updated this humble little news section! First off, some of you may have noticed me drawing things slightly differently and shading them in ink even! Yeah I'm probably just experimenting with it, but I'd like to see what works best for me so I've been doing that sort of thing lately. As always, I'm welcome for questions and comments on the forums and in e-mail form as well. Besides that not much else to announce, just going to rant as well.

Another thing is that, some of the comics are quite size intensive (70k+), which means if you're on a 28.8, then you might get screwed with about 20 something seconds of waiting :P Please be patient, and GET BROADBAND! :)

May 1st, 2001
Hey there folks, running a little late on the schedule lately, and I have three reasons I think for the lack of punctuation. One, school work. I can't ignore it because school is my future, blah blah blah, and so forth, I hope you all can understand. Second thing, do you have ANY idea how bad a mix Tribes 2 and work is? It's like what little motivation I have for the tasks of the day that needs to be done is cancelled out by the sheer evil, seductive aura of Tribes 2 (though it DOES run like crap on my computer). Third and final reason, I've gotten into anime style drawing (for you out in the Ozarks, it happens to be a style of comics that originated mostly from Japan), and seeing how Weapon of Choice and anime split into two different paths, I seemed to have divided my time up among both. Ah well, maybe I'll produce some good anime drawings, CG 'em and stick them in the soon-to-come "Other" section of my site. Besides, that, I have nothing but wasted ramblings in my head, but if you'd like me to hear yours, you can always e-mail me (via the Contact link) or just rant in the forum like all my bored friends! Until then, I bid you all goodbye viewer chum.

April 29th, 2001
Wow, talk about not speaking in a long time. I've been a busy little monkey with my life...well not really, just lazy. Anyhow, there isn't much on the rant agenda lately really. Hopefully, I've made the situation in the plot more understandable thus far, and more is coming! I'm really quite tired right now, so I hope you guys like the new site design from my friend David Cole aka Pikacheney.

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